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Coal Creek Auctions specializes in the authentication of designer handbags, clothing and accessories.  We can also assist you with your PayPal or eBay disputes by providing you with an unbiased letter of non authenticity.  We have over 17 years of experience with a leading intellectual property law firm and therefore we understand the ramifications of selling counterfeit goods.  Our extensive background includes over 10 years of buying and selling designer items at retail outlets and online sites such as eBay.  We have a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay with over 2900 happy customers.

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For your peace of mind ... if you’re going to invest hundreds of dollars in designer handbags or clothing, then it’s worth the small investment to obtain proof of authenticity.

Many companies have policies in place which prohibit employees from authenticating items or giving you proof-of-authenticity or non-authenticity.  One of these companies is Dooney & Bourke.  Their corporate policy does not allow store clerks to authenticate your items.  The only way to obtain authentication from Dooney & Bourke is to send your handbag directly to their headquarters in Norwalk, CT.  In addition to the hassle of packaging and spending money for insured mail, this process is time consuming and it can take weeks before you receive a response.

I realize that during this time of economic turmoil it’s easy for some to justify purchasing a replica designer item at a fraction of the cost of the original.  However, counterfeiting is a multibillion dollar industry and it ultimately benefits organized crime, terrorists, and other unscrupulous groups.   It is our duty as law abiding citizens to make sure we are not contributing to the success of organizations that compromise intellectual property rights.

I don’t think any of us can justify spending hundreds of dollars on knockoffs.  I know that when I purchase a designer item online, I want to know that I have indeed purchased an authentic item.  Don’t be fooled … put your mind at ease and let Coal Creek Auctions authenticate it for you.

Coal Creek Auctions specializes in the authentication of designer items.  We can provide authentication services for Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Hermes, Chloe, Gucci, Chanel, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, 7 For All Mankind, True Religion, Prada, and many more.

What you need to know before making an online purchase - check out our published article:

We have the best rates in the industry!  Send us an email for a quote today.  Coal Creek Auctions’ reputation speaks for itself.  Before you consider hiring a competing company for your authentication needs, do your research!  Check out our Customer Testimony page for recent comments.

A special message to online sellers – if you sell counterfeit goods, consider yourself a distributor.  You are subject to state and federal criminal penalties, including fines and prison terms.  If you are unsure, have Coal Creek Auctions authenticate it for you.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Counterfeit, knockoff, replica ... whatever you want to call it, it’s illegal!  Don’t get caught buying or selling a fake bag.

Legit or Faux ... It’s Best That You Know!


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